Pictures by Elise Remy & Gébraël Hassan
Book created in 2017

240 pages to see what the walls look like in the island of Menorca.
Pages to see, touch and write it on.

“Le mot rue vient du latin ruga, qui veut aussi dire ride.
A l’instar de ces petits plis de la peau que l’on cherche en vain à dissimuler, témoins du temps qui passe tout en imageant la vieillesse, on ne saurait ignorer ces petits détails qui ornent chaque mur et qui racontent sensiblement l’histoire de la ville. Surtout quand ils apparaissent aussi vivants et colorés que sur les façades de Port Mahon et Ciutadella, sur l’île lumineuse de Minorque.”

“In french, the word rue (which means street) comes from latin word ruga, which also means ride (a wrinckle). Like these little folds we try to hide, they show us how the time is passing by and illustrate the old age coming. We cannot ignore these details, present in every wall, every building and sensitively telling the city’s story. Above all when they’re as coloured and lively than the ones of Port Mahon and Ciutadella facades, shining cities of Minorque island.”

Some pictures from the book

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