Sylvain Dumas & Gébraël Hassan
Horror movie project

An illegal tour of the Parisian ghost stations,
a heterogeneous group is trapped by a Shape who seems to control the underground railway.

Dramatic proposition

When danger is close, different members of a same group show their real selves:
self-esteem and instinct become primary objectives; aggression and betrayal become the ways to satisfy them.

Thematic proposition

Strong sensations felt in extraordinary situations often create ties between those who live them. But these same situations,
when brought to the extreme, can also make these ties weak or even break them, when the matter is survival.


The scene takes place in a closed place: the Parisian subway and underground. The exploration of the place by the group is the best way to discover the characteristics of the place: dark, deprived of natural light, and overwhelmed by danger.
In addition to these elements, a character, the most important one, is put into the light. The events the group goes through are actually just logical consequences of the location. And the Shape is a representation of that place.

Characters Design / Illustrations reflecting the atmosphere of the movie

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Selected plates from the storyboard of the project.

1/ First murder   2/ Romain’s death   3/ Last battle

The opening scene from the script

La Onzieme station 01