Street Trotterz – Short movie project – Animation & live action – 2015

A street-art character comes to life and starts looking for his creator.
To succeed, he has to go through a great cleansing organized on the walls of Paris city…


Though street art is short-lived, only one gaze can give it force and allow it to exist for a moment, and keep on existing in the observer’s memory.


In order to exist, an artwork needs to be seen.


To escape, Décad -the main character- is running on the walls and goes through every type of canvas he crosses on the road. His physical state stays two-dimensional while he’s moving in the three-dimensional world where humans live. Because of that condition, obstacles change according to the surface he moves in. Because he can’t be seen moving by human eyes -especially the eyes of the city’s cleaner– he has to act unseen.

Photomontages reflecting the atmosphere of the movie and characters design.

Selected plates from the storyboard of the project.

Battle between Décad and the cleaner

Some extracts from the script

Street-trotterz 01

Street-trotterz 02

Street-trotterz 03